FinTalent Winners!

Accept the challenge and lead the Leaderboard by participating in the largest FinTech knowledge competition in Singapore from October 9 – November 9 2018

How it Works

Gamified Mobile Learning

Engaging. Timely. Topical.

FinTech Learning Content

Content from industry thought leaders is converted to snappy bite-sized learning.

Leaderboard Competition

Read, engage, and answer FinTech questions to move up the leaderboard.

1 Month

Weekly Leaderboards

Many Prizes and Categories

Competition Categories

10 categories from the Singapore FinTech Festival 2018. Competition content produced by thought leaders in the industry.


It’s free. 

Anyone can join.  You’re eligible to win prizes if you work or study in Singapore. For more details.

You can join anytime between October 9th and November 9th. Remember you just need to finish before the close of the competition on November 9th 2018.

It is not timed. The winner will be determined based on the leaderboard as of November 9, 2018, Midnight Singapore time.

This is a mobile learning competition.   From your mobile device, you’ll read short articles, as well as answer quiz and poll questions.   You’ll accrue points on the leaderboard for each of these activities.   Make the most of your commute time with mobile learning! 

There will be a “lightning round” during the first week of November! 

The topics are the same as the FinTech Festival

The grand prize winner will have the most points which are accumulated across all the categories.  

Be a part of the action – $30,000  in prizes and you will be invited to accept your award at the Singapore FinTech Festival.   Prizes include:

Grand Prize Winner’s Hamper: $500 Cash, FinTech ProDegree Course, AWS Cloud computing Workshop, and other goodies.  

There will be at least 20 runner-up winners, with a range of prizes including Amazon Alexa, FitBit Smartwatch, Crytpo Hardware Wallets, Cloud Computing Workshops, A RegTech Crash Course, FinTech ProDegree Course,  and various goodies.  

Want to be a part of this?

Be a front runner in the FinTech knowledge and skills.


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