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Increase learning engagement through gamification. Gain knowledge in FinTech and RegTech in the digital banking world. Successfully operate the most profitable virtual bank with the most satisfied customers.

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Marketing and Underwriting

Deploy a limited marketing budget to attract the best customers to your consumer lending portfolio. Create an approval, pricing and exposure strategy for personal loans, credit cards, mortgages and small business loans. Develop Profit & Loss management and product strategy skills.


Design and test collection severity strategies for an unsecured loans portfolio, varying your approach by customer risk group. Optimize automation and recovery systems investments and hone your workload capacity forecast. Develop data science, experimental design and analytic skills.

Credit Life Cycle

Create and manage the most profitable virtual bank with the most satisfied customers. Determine loan approval, pricing and exposure, balancing risk and reward. Manage the end to end process, from marketing to underwriting, through to collections. Develop data science, portfolio management and subject matter skills.


Review transactions based on real time typologies derived from machine learning outputs. Identify suspicious transactions within the chosen regulatory regime.

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Marketing and underwriting simulation training
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Collections Management Simulation Training
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FinTech in Consumer Lending

Level of FinTech content is configurable in our simulations. FinTech is at the forefront of financial innovation. We have developed an ideal mix of content, combining finance and FinTech.


- Using omni-channel big data
- IBM Watson AI optimization of collection actions

FinTech in consumer lending


- E-KYC Tools
- Point of Sale Lending
- Alternative data use cases for underwriting


Consumer spending big data use cases for product cross-sell and customer retention

RegTech in AML-CFT

Incorporate RegTech into the AML-CFT simulation. Understand and detect the potential threats posed by the increasingly sophisticated technologies adopted in money laundering. 


- E-KYC Tools
- Biometric Identity
- Machine Learning/AI
- Data Consortiums


API data feeds from firms to supervisory authority

RegTech in AML-CFT


- Activity Monitoring Tools
- Machine Learning/AI
- Data Consortiums


Real time transaction monitoring

Level of Difficulty

Simulations are targeted to cater to different job roles and levels of experience.


All Level Employees
0 -3 years of experience


Mid Level Employees
3 - 10 years of experience


Senior Level Employees
10+ years of experience

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