About Us

Subject Matter Experts

We are not just transforming banks, we are reshaping the way we think about skills now and in the future. 

Who Are We

Solutions oriented subject matter experts in the field of retail lending, signal processing and algorithm design.

Our Mission

Building bankers of the future, who play a big part in the digital banking transformation. Upskilling the financial talent (fintalent) through gamified simulations.

What We Do

We create engaging simulations for financial talents who are forward looking and eager to transform their institutions.

Our History

PortfolioQuest is built on the foundations of its predecessor – BankersLab. From working with Dr Neil Seitz to develop algorithms for retail lending simulations to training people from more than 50 countries, BankersLab has accumulated many years of experience and expertise. PortfolioQuest was born out of the need to provide financial institutions with a pure simulation platform for smooth deployment and engagement. Since its inception, PortfolioQuest has been recognized as a key player in the digital banking transformation. 

Industry Collaboration




The Team

Michelle Katics

CEO and Co Founder

Kurt Gingher

CTO and Co Founder

Barry Beechinor

Product Development

Oon Kuan Ko

Product Manager

Alberto Morente

Business Development

Hugolin Pinard

Business Development

Ting Yi Chan


Team's Years of Simulation Experience

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