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A Robot will Take My Job: How Can I Upskill?

FinTech. It is a buzzword that has been thrown around everywhere. You might be a current employee of a bank who is looking to garner more knowledge about this topic or simply curious what this is all about. Nonetheless, we are here to break down the journey and make it easier for you!

In this article, we will explore the various online and offline resources that you can utilize to gain more knowledge and insights about FinTech.

Centre for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship (CFTE)

CFTE is a British education platform that offers the ‘Around FinTech in 8 Hours’ course, which gives a broad overview of the impact of technology in finance through the comprehensive online FinTech course. The course is developed with experts from the Imperial College, Hong Kong University, Singapore Management University and Oxford Said Business School. The course also offers real insights from FinTech CEOs, heads of innovation and global investors. If you want to get a global understanding of where the finance industry is shifting to and be involved in the disruption, this is perfect for you.

Institute of Banking and Finance Singapore (IBF)

IBF has partnered with industry leaders to identify a suite of horizontal capabilities that have become increasingly important for finance practitioners. These capabilities are known as future-enabled skills, which will complement existing functional and technology skills required across various job functions. The Learn@IBF mobile application is developed to promote the future-enabled skills sets via micro learning content. Each content contains engaging visuals and quizzes that allows finance professionals to learn about the latest innovations on the go. If you are looking to gain a broad overview of the fundamentals of FinTech and the digital transformation, this is a quick and convenient way to do so.

Imarticus Learning

Based in India, Imarticus offers industry-endorsed classroom and online programs. It is a professional education institute focused on bridging the gap between industry and academia. Get certified in the industry- endorsed courses in Financial Services, Business Analysis, Business Analytics and Wealth Management. Some of the popular courses include FinTech by Rise Mumbai co-created by Barclays, Change Management with SAP and Data Analytics. Imarticus’ alumni are currently working at JP Morgan, Societe Generale, and Oracle. Also, Imarticus regularly publishes useful resources in the form of blogs and webinars about the latest FinTech trends, artificial intelligence and data analytics. 

Digital Frontiers Institute

The Chartered Digital Finance Practitioner is an innovative leading edge certification built to support the emergence of a profession in the rapidly evolving digital banking landscape. The 3-year journey will equip finance professionals with a solid foundation in digital financial services. The course is not only for individuals who are looking to upskill but for organizations with key goals related to digital financial services. To find out more about the curriculum and learning objectives, you can check out the brochure.

Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance (TABF)

TABF is a non-profit organization, advised by the Financial Supervisory Commission of Taiwan. There are training programs offered by the Financial Training & Development Institute (FTDI), which cover a wide array of topics for practitioners from various areas of the financial sector. From risk management, wealth management, compliance, and e-banking, the FTDI has got you covered.

Singapore FinTech Association (SFA)

 SFA is a platform designed to facilitate cooperation and collaboration in the FinTech ecosystem. The FinTech Talent Program is a 3-month program that aims to equip and certify FinTech professionals with the right set of skills required to succeed in the workplace. It is a collaboration between the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), the Singapore Polytechnic (SP) and the SFA. Expect over 500 FinTech professional attending the monthly sessions held by FinTech practitioners and experts. If you are looking for mentors or guidance in your journey to become well versed in FinTech, this program is great for you.

Other Resources

Apart from online courses and workshops, there are free resources out there where you can gain a basic understanding of FinTech. YouTube is a great resource to help you keep updated on the latest FinTech advancements, interviews, and conferences. Some recommended channels include 11FS, FinTech Worldwide, FinTech Innovation Labs and FinTech Finance.

Simply having FinTech knowledge is not sufficient. You would have to keep up with the ongoing happenings to truly be involved in the ecosystem. In the next article, we will share ways of keeping up to date with the latest developments in the FinTech ecosystem. Follow our Twitter to see when the article will drop.