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Gamified Simulations

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How we can help

PortfolioQuest equips financial institutions with the tools to prepare them for the digital future. Through gamified training simulations, designed to upskill financial talent (fintalent), the value of human capital is enhanced. Drive engagement and productivity. Transform your bank today.


Training made personal and targeted. The simulations are configurable by job role, organizational structure and regulatory regime.

Real World, Real Inputs

Practise in a real world environment. Content derived from machine learning outputs that produce real time typologies.

Deep Learning Talent Diagnostics

Identify and nurture the right talent. Detailed report post simulation to track progress.

Virtual Environment

Our simulations are cloud based. Seamless and smooth engagement.

AI Digital Coach

Real time user feedback for immediate learning. Increase retention rates.

FinTech Knowledge

Incorporating the best of FinTech into simulations for an updated process of skills refresh.

Deploy a limited marketing budget to attract the best customers. Create an approval pricing and exposure strategy for consumer loans.

Optimize debt collection strategy for an unsecured portfolio. Hone the portfolio loss forecasting accuracy.

Create and manage the most profitable virtual bank with the most satisfied customers. Manage the end to end process, from marketing to underwriting, through to collections.

Review and monitor transactions based on real time typologies derived from machine learning outputs. Configurable by job role, firm and regulatory regime.

How we work

PortfolioQuest works with individuals, enterprises and industry leaders to create the financial talent of the digital future.


Regional Fintalent competitions for tertiary students. Partnerships with major tertiary educational institutions.


B2B engagement with enterprises. We help financial institutions to engage and upskill their financial talent.


We partner with regulators and industry leaders of digital banking to build relevant and innovative simulations.


We work with industry leaders committed to the digital banking transformation, providing access to forward looking bankers.

Chartered Digital Finance Practitioner (CDFP) program, an innovative leading-edge certification to support the emergence of the evolving digital financial services sector.

Credit Life Cycle course with a focus on innovation in consumer lending. Leaderboard competitions with expert coaching and insights.

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