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Life Hacks for Ongoing FinTech Education

As professionals in the banking and finance industry, there is a need to continue to refresh your knowledge about the changes that might affect you and the institutions you are in. Key areas such as regulatory changes, economic changes and different developments in the tools used will impact the way we make decisions. In order to make strategic decisions, you need to stay relevant and informed about the ongoing industry changes.

There are many ways to keep up to date with latest news and industry happenings, here are some of them:

  1. Subscribe to industry related newsletters

The easiest way to find out about ongoing changes in the industry is simple to read about it. There are many free resources out there such as online publications, which you can easily subscribe to. The best thing is that they send you weekly, bi-weekly or monthly newsletters about the latest news, commentary or opinion pieces. Such articles provide informative and insightful knowledge about the different topics in banking. Here are some of our favourites:

  1. Listen to podcasts

Podcasts are a convenient way to take in knowledge during your commute to and from work. From gaining an understanding of the changing global economy to the latest FinTech trends, podcasts have got you covered.

Fintech Insider

Focusing on different topics across AI, digital banking and other disruptions in the industry, the podcasts are highly popular. Choose to listen to discussions between the hosts, deep dive into specific topics or interviews with FinTech thought leaders.

Breaking Banks

Brett King’s podcast focuses on exploring the different shifts in the emerging FinTech sector such as consumer behaviour, regulation and technology. With over 200 episodes, take your pick and choose the most relevant episode for yourself.

Goldman Sachs

‘Exchanges at Goldman Sachs’ is a podcast where people from across the firm share their insights on developments shaping markets, industries and the global economy.

  1. Read reports/white papers

White papers are great resources for the latest regulatory changes or governmental issues faced by the industry as a whole. Apart from white papers, reports about the latest trends in digital banking, artificial intelligence or big data can be found online. Reading such reports will give you a better understanding of what they mean and how they impact the industry as well as your career.

  1. Attend conferences

Conferences are a great way to network and check out the latest innovations in the industry. Discover what thought leaders have to say about the changes and the kinds of predictions they make about the future of the industry. We were at Money 20/20 this year and Singapore FinTech Festival last year (insert photos from both conferences). Both conferences experiences were enriching and insightful as we got to share our ideas.

Final Thoughts

The banking and finance industry is constantly changing. Ongoing education is a necessity if you and your team want to stay current on the latest skills, technology and information required to be successful. This post is part of the blog series about the digital banking landscape, types of skills needed and where to obtain these skills.