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Chartered Digital Finance Practitioner

PortfolioQuest partners with Digital Frontiers Institute to provide an innovative leading-edge certification built to support the evolving digital financial services space.

DFI Chartered Digital Finance Practitioner (CDFP)

The Chartered Digital Finance Practitioner journey is an innovative leading-edge certification built to support the emergence of a profession in the rapidly evolving Digital Finance Services space. This 3 year journey will provide professionals with the solid foundations and continued learning to ensure their success in this industry.

Who is it for?

Professionals who wish to advance their career in digital financial services. Organizations with key goals related to digital financial services and financial inclusion are strongly encouraged to enroll.

What are the intended outcomes?

Professionals will have an integrated 360-degree view of digital financial services, an understanding of the different business models and use cases for digital financial services and a global exposure to leading digital markets.

AML-CFT Regulation and Compliance

As part of CDFP certification, the AML-CFT course is part of the regulation of digital financial services specialisation. It will encompass various aspects of the regulatory landscapes, both risks and compliance as well as innovations in RegTech.

"The course has been fundamental in triggering our digital finance work and making it much more successful. In engaging so significantly here in the course, the entire market is sharing more information, has a common language, a common purpose and common direction, and regulators and market players of all kinds are engaging informally and frequently."
Betty Wilkinson
CEO FSD Zambia
"The rich discussion on a range of topics in digital financial services throughout the 12 weeks helped greatly to fill my knowledge gaps. I now have a deeper understanding of how the various elements of the digital payments ecosystem interrelate. I also feel more confident engaging in conversations with my peers and management."
Vincent Mutai
Kenya Government Payments Taskforce

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