Banking & Finance Academy Mongolia (BFA)

Credit Life Cycle Course

PortfolioQuest partners with BFA to develop a course to sharpen portfolio management skills, specifically on product design, underwriting, account management, and portfolio monitoring. 

BFA Credit Life Cycle

The course has been designed to develop sharper portfolio management skills and a deeper understanding of the consumer credit life cycle. The course focuses on topics such as product design, underwriting, account management and portfolio monitoring.

Who is it for?

Individuals from banks, finance companies and government agencies in the following departments:
- Retail Banking (Consumer Loans)
- Business Line Team and Team Leaders
- Product and Portfolio Team
- Credit Policy Team and Team Leaders
- Retail Team and Team Leaders

What are the intended outcomes?

Participants will gain a better understanding of the different aspects and processes of the Credit Life Cycle. Understand how different decisions will impact the overall profitability of the financial institution. Gain a broad overview of the trends of innovation in consumer lending, with a focus on the benefits and challenges of digital channels as well as technologies.

Blended Teaching Methodology

Unlike traditional courses with a workshop style, the course takes an interactive approach that engages participants throughout the whole process. Participants takes ownership of their learning progress with the hands-on practice in the gamified simulations.

Be the front-runner in Digital Financial Services.

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