6 future enabled skills for the digital transformation
6 Future Enabled Skills for the Digital Transformation
In the age of digital transformation and disruption, being an expert in one subject is not sufficient. As highlighted by
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key talent trends in financial industry
3 Key Talent Trends in the Financial Industry
According to PwC, financial sector CEOs note that human capital is the second most important factor needed in order to
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digitally savvy customers in banking
Meeting the Needs of Digitally Savvy Customers in Banking
According to EY, 40% of customers expressed decreased dependence on their banks and an increased excitement about what alternative companies
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Five fintech trends in retail banking and wealth management
Five FinTech Trends in Retail Banking and Wealth Management
  E-KYC Mobile First Big Data Machine Learning and AI Cross-Vertical Integration Explore the use cases and hacks that you
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Check out the startups that are solving bank compliance issues
PortfolioQuest at Money 2020 Asia Singapore
“We must work together – regulators and the crypto industry – to make sure that bad money does not take
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gamified simulations
3 Ways Gamified Simulations are Better than E-learning
In our recent poll on Twitter (@fintalent), 70% of our followers voted that they prefer simulation-based learning over e-learning. E-Learning
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